So… this is my post. I’m kinda doubting anyone will stop by to see this very first post and that’s OK, but it’s an important post. It’s all about why I am here.

I’ve run a private blog for my family for years. We don’t live close to them and when we became pregnant with our first child, it seemed like a logical way to let them in on all that was happening, without having to repeat ourselves in emails or over the phone. It’s worked well. I kept wanting to try myself at a public blog. Put myself out there. But successful blogs are done by folks who have an expertise in a subject. They are immersed in the topic and have plenty to say on the matter.

I am not an expert on anything. I tried a bunch of stuff. Some mom blogs (but I don’t know anything about being a mom). Some running blogs (but I am a slow runner who barely has time to run anymore. Hardly a page turner). A marriage blog (but I need more advice than I can give).

So I asked myself what part of my life would really be able to withstand constant posts and introspection? What part of my life am I an expert in? This time the answer came quickly because it’s something so constantly on my mind – debt.

My husband and I started our marriage with something over $150,000 in student loan debt. Thankfully, that was about all the debt we had, but it’s a crippling debt when you are not doctors or lawyers or on Wall Street. As life progressed, I realized that I’d really like to stay at home with our children (something I never foresaw happening), and the debt suddenly makes me feel like we are drowning.

Now we have a car payment, too. And a mortgage. We still owe some money on our youngest child’s birth.

I know debt. I can blog every day about that.

And speaking of debt, I have another big debt. To Jesus, who sacrificed Himself for me – someone who didn’t even exist. I figure the two debts have a relationship when you come to understand what the Bible teaches about money. That God provides for you. And to be a good steward. And to give generously and cheerfully. Oh my, how I often forget those teachings.

So this blog is not about how to manage finances or how to get out of debt. It is simply my story on our debt, and how I am learning – learning to manage debt and learning to turn to God.

Tell me what you think!

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