Mindfulness Works

I mentioned yesterday that I’ve focused on praying over our financial situation and that this blog is another way to help me focus my mind. Well, mindfulness works!

My oldest daughter has boundless energy and she loves to run and run and run. A friend of ours was associated with a local race to raise money for a charity, so Brian entered the race with Ava. He pushed her off and on in my jogging stroller, but he estimates she ran close to 2 miles. I’m a girly runner – I run in running dresses and running skirts and I’m just as likely to ooh and aah over an Athleta catalog as a J. Crew one. I wanted to buy Ava a running skirt outfit to run the race in, but I forgot.


Ava adored the race so much, she cried when they had to leave, so I hopped online to find another race and was excited to find one this weekend. And then I hopped over to other websites, looking for the perfect outfit for her. Then I remembered what I’ve been blogging about and remembered I’d rather pay for her college education than lots of cute outfits.

I also mentioned a possible opportunity within our grasp – that’s still on track as far as we know, and we are continuing to pray for guidance in the matter. We’d love for this to work out and I’d appreciate any prayers on our behalf!

Tell me what you think!

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