Affording a Stay at Home Mom Career

I get to surf the internet a lot right now as a mom on maternity leave. It might just be during the late night feeding sessions, but it’s amazing how I sometimes feel like I’ve reached the end of the net!!

Since I started this blog, it seems like articles related to the finances of stay at home moms keep popping up. I found this one interesting because it paints a picture that doesn’t jive with my own social circle – it says that fewer moms are staying home and those that do are often living in or near poverty. Hmmm… Not my experience with the stay at home moms I’ve known mostly through church. In fact, a dear friend texted me yesterday to let me know that she was finally able to afford giving up her part-time job and was staying home with her adopted two-year old son.

The adoption was itself a long time coming for my friend and there was unimaginable heartache preceding it. And then the adoption expenses grew and grew, more than draining their savings. In fact, I set up a fundraiser to help offset the unexpected legal fees. It’s taken awhile, but now they are in a manageable place. I’d say she makes more than her husband, like me. But they got there.

So back to the article, at least it’s comforting to me, as an outsider looking longingly inside, that I’m not the only one… And maybe I don’t want to be on the inside? Maybe I wouldn’t want to accept the cost? Or maybe that’s why I’m not on the inside – because I can’t accept the sacrifices required, and it’s shown in our “budget” (quotation marks because we don’t have anything on paper anymore).

How about you? Are you a stay at home mom who intends to pick up where your career left off someday? Or is the title Mommy all you’ve ever hoped for?


2 thoughts on “Affording a Stay at Home Mom Career

  1. I do not need to work for any financial help but once my children are in school all day I think I would probably be crazy bored if I didn’t start doing something! I will pray you are able to have whatever your heart desires–whether it be to work or stay home. Even if not right away. 🙂


    • I am so with you Sasha! I’m hoping to be able to go part time by the time my oldest starts school, if nothing else. With no family in sight, I don’t want her being a latch key kid! Thanks for the prayers 🙂


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