Success Story Saturday: Getting on Track



This blog was partially born of my desire to have some accountability with my finances, so I’ve deemed Saturdays “Success Story Saturdays” and I intend to have one positive thing to say about how we are doing or good choices we’ve made in the past. I can tend toward the pessimistic or negative and always talking about debt is a downer anyway, so it’s important to force insert some positivity. If you’ve struggled with your finances and have a success story to share, I’d love to post your story here. Puts less stress on my negative soul.

This week is an easy success story because I completed our new budget and I balanced everything out. Some categories will probably need more money, but what I learned from the Economides (America’s Cheapest Family) is that it’s ok to constantly refine your budget – in fact you probably should constantly revisit and refine your budget.

I’ve also set up our budget book (covered in the Economides’ book. It’s akin to an envelope system) and dug out an old coupon filer so I can get started with that. Both of them are pretty because it makes me feel happier to look at them that way:-) As part of staying on budget, I have a meal plan ready for the next two weeks and I’m going to shop for all the meals today, except for next week’s produce in an attempt to keep down impulse buying.

I’ve definitely been learning a few tricks these past few weeks and I’m implementing them, and I think that’s the real success here!

What’s your success story from this past week?

Tell me what you think!

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