Success Story Saturday

We are right at $100k in debt after 10 years of student loan repayment. This blog is my story of how we are trying to figure our way out of debt. Our debt that has made it impossible for me to afford to stay home with my two girls. It’s an accountability blog, knowing I have to keep putting one foot in front of the other – even if we are just shuffling along – in order to have something to tell the world. But every Saturday I’ve been checking in on what I did right, because I sometimes need to force myself to be positive 🙂 If you are stopping in and have a financial success story to share, I’d love to hear it and if it’s meaty enough, maybe you could write a guest post?

Here’s what we have going for us this week:
I researched ways to make a little extra money, because every bit counts. And I came up with some good ideas (and I couple of out there ones) that I’ll share tomorrow. I’m hoping to earn an extra $100 a month, which would help us knock about a year off the remaining 8 years of our student loan payments. Not bad for some pretty easy ideas! I’ve already begun taking action on four ideas and I’m super excited to see how they pan out.

We have done really, really well not running to the store. We are keeping impulse buys in check, which was our biggest weakness. This is a major step in the right direction.

We have made smart decisions about everything from where to buy gas to taking our lunches to work every day. I did forget my lunch one day, but I had been gifted a bag of snack foods as a welcome back present, so I used that to get me through the day.

My husband and I are communicating about money every day – talking about the budget and all my ideas to make a few extra dollars a month and how to spend unexpected money. I have even brought up the totally crazy ideas – not holding anything back. And you know what? I feel more connected to my husband. More like a team. Even though we are swimming in a huge sea of debt – waves crashing all around us – I feel like we are in it together, helping the other stay afloat. It’s crazy how it makes me feel absolutely positive about what may be right around the bend for us.

I can’t help but think that God has something really special in store for us. That every bad choice and decision we’ve made is putting us on this road for a reason. And maybe that’s simply to share my story with the few people that stop by each day. Or maybe it’s something more special and personal to our family. But God is up to something. I can’t wait to find out what it is.

I’m reminded of the Biblical steward (Luke 16) – to whom much was entrusted and much was expected. And oh how much we’ve had. And how miserably we have failed. But I sense God saying “you have repented and now your heart is right, so let Me see what you will do with this little bit extra.” I see the challenge before us and I’m up for it.

Tell me – what’s your biggest success in managing your money?

2 thoughts on “Success Story Saturday

  1. There is some goodness shared in this post today, Kirsten! Yes! You are on the right path and I can totally relate to that feeling of coming together with your husband. I really feel that same way after getting on the same page with mine a couple of weeks ago. Things are different and for the better. It’s always better to know your partner in life is still your partner when the way gets rough. And I also believe God is definitely going to use your repentant heart and your story to not only help others but show you a way out…sooner than you realize. 😉 Blessings this weekend!


    • “It’s always better to know your partner in life is still your partner when the way gets rough”. Truer words never spoken, Meredith. Thanks (as always) for your encouragement 🙂


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