June Challenge (Murphy Fund) Status

One week ago, I wrote that it was our goal to have a Murphy Fund by the end of the month. Guess what? We have a Murphy Fund. That means we have completed the second of ten steps in Steve Digg’s No Debt! No Sweat!

We actually have just a bit more than is required for our Murphy Fund. Now here’s where it gets difficult for us. The extra should go straight toward debt. But. (There’s always a but.)

A while back I wrote how crushed I was that a certain opportunity didn’t come through. It was an opportunity to move close to family. An opportunity to be home. And possibly, for me to stay home. Although I wrote that it didn’t come through, to date we’ve received no official notification to that effect. In the online system, his application still shows as “under review”. I’m fairly certain that the month that has passed between the final interview and, well, now is a bad sign. but I can’t seem to let go of it. The whole family had such high hopes and we were all praying night and day. It seemed so perfect.

So, remember – the opportunity didn’t pay relocation. We would have needed to fund our move somehow. And here I’ve come up with this small pot of money…

Part of me says this opportunity just might come through. That I should save the money and be thankful that God has provided.

And then. Then there’s the thought that I’m being tested. That the moment I turn loose of the extra funds and actually get busy paying down our debt, we will have the most awesome opportunity laid at our feet. That I need to show my faith.

Proverbs 19:2

The last thing I want to do is rush into a decision. Financial decisions have not been a strong point (hellooooo! Blog!). Sometimes the wisest thing we can do is wait (and pray!) So that’s what we will do for now. Nothing but pray. At some point, that position will be filled. And if it’s filled by my husband, we are going to end up with some extra cash on hand to help us move. If it’s filled by someone else, we are going to end up with cash to start paying down our debt. Either way, it’s exciting to me 🙂

How have you quieted your impulsive tendencies with money?

2 thoughts on “June Challenge (Murphy Fund) Status

  1. That is VERY exciting, Kirsten! Yes!! Proud of you for making these steps and stepping out in faith. Period. And I read your blog yesterday and didn’t comment. But it is one I’m bookmarking to go back and dig through all of your research and see if I can find some alternative methods to make some money, as well. Thank you for this blog and your heart and your time! xoxo, mb


    • Oh, thank you, Meredith for always being encouraging! I need it! I hope you can find a good idea or two in my post from yesterday. We are pretty excited over the apps ourselves.


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