Piggy Bank Funds


When our oldest daughter was born, our preacher gifted her with a piggy bank, complete with a starter quarter. As I find coins around the house, I hand them to Ava and she proudly deposits them into her piggy bank. If we find a dollar bill (or maybe even a $5), that always goes to Ava for her to put in the collection plate on Sundays. Regardless, we try to always have something for her to put in the plate, if for no other reason than it makes her so happy, and as we know, God loves a cheerful giver. There’s no one more cheerful about giving than an innocent child who has no burdens attached to that dollar!

My sister and her husband are in town to visit our new bundle of joy, and bless my sister’s heart, she is educating Ava about Mother’s Day (which I’m sure Brian’s totally forgotten). They pulled out her piggy bank and counted coins and my sister asked Ava if she thought she should buy some Oreos for mommy for Mother’s Day. My daughter, who is a blessedly good sharer as preschoolers go, was in complete agreement. When daddy got home from work that night, she had cordoned off a pile of coins to give him so they could go get mommy Oreos for Mother’s Day.

I’m reminded that Jesus told his disciples that we needed to be like the little children. So innocent. Unburdened. Unworried. Trusting. Giving. My daughter is an example for me. She’s my motivation to do better and she’s my teacher. She’s all the gift I need for Mother’s Day. Which is good, because she’s probably all I will get 😉


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