Frugal is Not Wasteful

I’m not going to make a habit of posting on Sundays but it’s 12:30 am and my bedroom’s as hot as a… Oh, fill in the blank. It’s too hot to think. Our frozen northland is finally experiencing summer and do you know there are places in this world that do not know the joys of central heat and air?? I didn’t until moving here (which wouldn’t have happened if I had known. I despise sweating in my house.) Hubby has been tasked with getting our window units installed this holiday weekend…

Anyway, in a previous post about meal planning, I noted I have a full bag of trash when I clean out the fridge each week. It’s no lie – this is just the produce that isn’t good any more. We also had leftovers that didn’t get eaten, but weren’t included in this round-up!


What ways does your family keep food waste down?

Tell me what you think!

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